Terms of Service

One has to agree with the terms of the "Real SMM Shop" that can make you to use the services. To register and agree with the terms will allow you to use the services fully. the company is not liable for any loss.

1. General

Place an order with our website will make you accept all the enlisted terms of service mentioned below irrespective of it that weather you see them or not.

Our company reserve the right to modify any term of service without prior notice. It is better that you should read all the terms before placing an order to ensure your safety of money and keep yourself up to date.


The account suspension by any of the social websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube does not have any concern with our website or company.

2. Service

The Website can only be used to expand your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or any Social account and help promote your "Appearance".

The website only guarantee to gather the followers you pay for but We DO NOT guarantee any new followers to have interact with you.

We do not ensure 100% of accounts will have full bio, a profile picture, and uploaded pictures, but we try to make this the originality for all accounts.

Anything nude or inappropriate material uploaded on our website will not be accepted as they are not suitable for the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or Social Media community.

Public account are entertained for ordering so be insure to use it. Private accounts will not be entertained.