Frequently Asked Questions:
1. If the Refill button/Cancel button does not work for me?
The refill or cancel button delivers an indication to refill or cancel an order, as it's an indication so it doesn't work instantly, most of the times it's too late to cancel an order but sometimes it might not need cancel.
2. Any discounts?
The prices mentioned are the real prices with no hidden charges, so we don't offer any discounts.
3. How much time is required for the activation of Paypal account?
It's just simple to follow the instructions written on the Add Funds page and manually use it to automatically enables, minimum 20$ are required to place your first order by sending us a ticket with mentioned username.
Note: At the moment We don't accept PayPal. We only accept Payza, Skrill. For more information do contact us with a support ticket.
4. Is drip feed workable with mass order?
Drip Feed isn't workable with "Mass Order".
5. Can we deliver funds via Paytm?
Paytm is creating a lot of problems, so it's unfortunate that funds can not be transferred through Paytm.
6. How youtube comment link is accessible?
For easy access follow the link: To avoid any inconvenience, copy the correct link mentioned and paste it in the web browser's address bar.
Follow the timestamp which can be easily seen next to your username just above your comment, move the cursor and the right click for "Copy Link Address".
7. Which is the correct youtube view service that can be employed with monetizable video?
"Monetized" in its service' named is the one that can be employed with monetizable video.
8. What does it mean "Instagram mentions"?
To mention people on Instagram it what we called "Instagram mentions".
For example @ABCYZ means you have mentioned to see the post.
9. What does Partial status means?
If anytime we are unable to deliver the order because of any reasons, the Partial Status will be generated for funds recovery.
For example: Your order was a quantity of 5000 and charges 5$
If we delivered 4000 and the remaining 1000 wasn't deliver for any reason, then "Partial" refund of your order 1000 (1$) will be generated.
10. What does Drip Feed means?
To repeat your same order for repetitive times, Drip Feed service is what we offer.
11. "Instagram impressions" term is used for which purpose? 
Reaching the number of people who have seen your post means Impression and the terminology is often used with brands, Instagram will ask you show criteria of your posts.
11.1. What does "Instagram Saves" means?

The history saved on Instagram is termed as "Instagram Saves", that can be seen whenever needed.

Thank you!